This is a Non Profit Poetry Initiative

Poetry Darbaar is a not for profit poetry initiative started in February 2016 in Gurgaon- where there was no poetry reading culture before- to provide free art space to poets of all age groups to perform amid a receptive audience. It aims to make both the expression of art and it's experience accessible to the poets of all age groups, utilising the dwindling spaces in the city for art. Poetry Darbaar was recently invited to a premier school in Kathmandu, Nepal.


It provides a non-judgemental environment for poets to perform and provides opportunity to poets of all age groups. This gives an opportunity to the emerging poets to rub shoulders with eminent and established poets to encourage them to do better and progress ahead.


This is the only space in Delhi NCR where a 10 year old can be seen performing with a 70 yr olds, a novice can be seen sharing space with established English & Urdu poets.Poetry Darbaar is now Pan India with its presence in various cities. The initiative is widely covered by various newspapers, news portals & blogs.


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Poetry Darbaar, apart from hosting independent events, also gets invited at various annual college fests in and outside Delhi.

This Zero funding, zero profit poetry initiative aims to create poetry hubs in various cities and reach out to all Poetry lovers from all cities. It provides a non judgemental poetry reading environment where people of all age groups (amateurs and reputed poets) gather for their common love for poetry.